Digital Language Lab / Maths Lab
Digital Language Lab is a teaching/learning software that helps in achieving competitive communication skills. A closer look reveals the significance it gives to the language teaching and learning techniques. It highlight that it simplifies the intricate learning process with the help of the most advanced multimedia technologies. Alarming and precarious is the current scenario of modern language learning processes. We cognized the necessity of bringing about a radical change in the concerned academe, and Digital Language Lab is its result. Guided by experienced educationalists and designed and developed by software professionals that have been working in the educational domain for over a decade, We stands out from the rest of its competitors in myriad ways.

Separate Access Console for Teacher & Student

Teacher Console
  • Smart Board
  • Manage Lessons
  • Manage Student Profiles
  • Content Development
  • Controls
  • Reports
  • Tool Box
Student Console
  • Activities
  • Toolbox
  • Manage Work Sheet
  • Manage Profiles

Advantages of Digital Language Lab

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